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18 Tools for Software Engineers You Must Know

  1. πŸ’» VSCode: Versatile and most popular code editor.

  2. 🌐 Git: It is a distributed version control system that streamlines the development process.

  3. 🐳 Docker: For development and deployment of apps inside portable containers.

  4. πŸ”— Linear: Comprehensive project management for agile software development.

  5. πŸ’¬ Slack: Communication platform that integrates with many development tools.

  6. πŸ“¬ Postman: A powerful API client for testing, documenting, and sharing APIs.

  7. πŸ‘· Jenkins: Automates software development process like builds, testing, and deployment.

  8. 🎨 Figma: For developers to understand UI designs and collaborate with designers.

  9. πŸ–₯️ Terminal: Essential for script execution, file system navigation, and server management.

  10. 🧩 Stack Overflow: A vast community and resource for solving coding problems.

  11. 🧠 IntelliJ IDEA: A robust integrated development environment (IDE).

  12. πŸ““ Notion: For creating documentation, project plans, and notes.

  13. πŸ€– GitHub Copilot: AI-powered code completion tool that helps you write code faster.

  14. 🀝 ChatGPT: AI-powered chatbot that can assist with a wide range of tasks.

  15. πŸ“Š Drawio: A free, web-based tool for creating diagrams and flowcharts.

  16. βš™οΈ Kubernetes: Container orchestration platform.

  17. πŸ”„ GitHub: Web-based version control and collaboration platform for code.

  18. πŸ“˜ Amigoscode Blog: Curated courses & blogs for software engineers.

Credit goes to: Mohamed Rilwan

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