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Discussion on: What's your go to Rust resources?

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Denys Séguret • Edited on

Almost every day, I see people get lost trying to emulate pointers, often in some kind of linked list or similar structure reminiscent of their CS courses days. Or losing time trying to imitate OOP patterns in Rust.

This started a study of common errors people make when trying to learn Rust, and I finally wrote this blog post: How not to learn Rust.

This post isn't how you would learn Rust, but a reading I suggest to people at the beginning of this adventure.

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Chakrapani Gautam

I read this article a few days ago and now it's bookmarked! I found it just the right time as I wasn't sure how to start again. All previous attempts went in vain, haha.

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Nick Taylor (he/him) Author

Thanks for the share!

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