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Cross posting from your blog to A good idea?

dwjohnston profile image David Johnston ・1 min read

Been in a bit of a creative rut recently, and I'm figuring that the best thing to do, the thing I'm most inclined to do, is make blog posts about anything and everything.

I definitely want to do this as part of my own blog where I fully control the content. I've learned a lesson (nicely articulated by Austin Kleon in his book Show Your Work) when I ran a 'Humans of' page that was a Facebook page only. It now kinda sucks that all of that content is just on Facebook and I've since lost the original photos, the accompanying text only there etc. I wish I'd set up a blog like the original Humans of New York did.

So the question is - should I cross-publish all of my blog posts to and Medium as well?

Is this a common practice? I've had a quick scroll through my feed and I can't see many people back-linking to their blog.

As I see it:

Pros Cons
More exposure A bit of work setting it up programatically
Native conversation/reply functionality within the third party mediums Back links on the posts look spammy
Possible adverse SEO affects for the blog?

What say you?

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hanpari profile image
Pavel Morava and Medium support canonical urls, so it should be fine. Medium let you import your blog post directly while needs you to put a canonical url by hand.

The only downside, of which I know, is the hassle with reposting. Other platforms are not so friendly. If you post the same post on Quora, Google might not like it.

dwjohnston profile image
David Johnston Author

Can you explain what you mean a bit more about canonical urls?

You mean I can just point to the URL of my of blog, and will make a post out of it? That's fantastic!

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Pavel Morava

This is not how canonical urls work.

Medium can import an article from your blog, can't.

If you post the same text on several platforms, it can harm your SEO since Google may consider it a plagiarism or piracy.

This is why canonical urls indicate what is the real origin of the article.

In theory, you can upload your posts automatically using some tools. But it depends, for instance, if all of your platform understand Markdown.

I use Blogger, which as far as I know, cannot handle Markdown, leaving me in tedious process of adjusting the same article for