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Dwayne Crooks
Dwayne Crooks

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Why do you want to learn Haskell?

If you knew Haskell like you know your favorite programming language, what application would you want to write in Haskell?

Do you think you'd learn Haskell better if there were more project based tutorials or are you satisfied with the learning options that are available?

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Riccardo Odone

After having used Elm in two projects I'd just love to have a strong type system on the backend too. I guess since Haskell is a general purpose language, I'd try to use it for pretty much anything.

I think there's some good material out there for starting. The real problem I guess is what comes after that. I agree that more "project based tutorials" would be awesome.

What's your take Dwayne?

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Dwayne Crooks

After working in a large Ruby code base for a while and seeing the pains of maintaining it I now see the pitfalls of NOT having strong typing, algebraic data types, abstract data types and purity (but not so much laziness).

There's good starting material but the intermediate to advanced level needs better resources. I recently found Type Classes which is a step in the right direction.

In addition, I recently came to the realization that if you just learn and use what's in here you'd still be able to design and build more maintainable and robust systems that what many of the mainstream languages have to offer. There's just one hitch to that and it's that Haskell libraries tend to use so much advance stuff and GHC language extensions that they force you to have to know more.