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dwayne profile image Dwayne Crooks ・1 min read

For the next few months I'd be switching gears and diving into programming language theory.

It's an interest I've wanted to explore for a very long while so I've decided to take the necessary time to dive deep into it.

I'll be reading Dan P. Friedman's and Mitchell Wand's book Essentials of Programming Languages. The book is an analytic study of programming languages. Its goal is to provide a deep, working understanding of the essential concepts of programming languages.

I've read it at least twice before, once all the way through to assimilate the ideas and another time I reached as far as Chapter 4 using Haskell as the implementation language.

This time around I hope to finish the book and complete a majority of the exercises while using Elm as the implementation language.

As I learn I'd share my notes and the interesting ideas I come across.

If this sounds interesting to you then you can follow my progress as I blog about it and/or via my eopl3 repo.

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Dwayne Crooks


A full stack web developer who has an interest in programming language theory, interpreters, compilers and type theory. I enjoy programming with Elm and Haskell in my free time.


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Cool! Looking forward to reading your notes and ideas :)