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Day 944 : Sometimes

liner notes:

Radio show episode image of a photo of clouds where some clouds are rainbow colored with the words Apr 13th 2024 Talk Once

  • Sunday : Did the online study sessions ( Actually figured out how to generate a video using some text. I thought I would be able to do more with it, but it didn't work out the way I wanted. At least I can get the video with the text generated. Decided that I could do something else besides what I originally wanted to do for notifying people of updates. It'll be a lot easier and I could get the project done quicker. Sometimes it's better to just get something done now and add on later if needed.

  • Professional : First day back from vacation. Started with a meeting with my manager to catch up and discuss what I'll be working on this week. Responded to some messages that I got while I was out. Got some pretty amazing news about a possible upcoming trip! Replied to a bunch of community questions. Looked over some document changes. Spent the rest of the day investigating a new project I may be starting by looking at A LOT of documentation.

  • Personal : Last week was pretty productive and restful for me. Took a quick trip to look at some property. Got a new laptop that will basically replace 2 of my other laptops. It was the form factor that I really like from one and has the ports of another one. I was able to use it for the radio show. So I'll have more room in my bag for when I travel. Created a proof of concept for a new Web Component. I updated another project to use a new version of some other Web Components I published. I also put together a bunch of tracks for the radio show. Not a bad week at all.

A photo of a beach in Kelingking Beach, Indonesia. The beach is surrounded by a lush green cliff. The water in the ocean is crystal clear and has a turquoise hue. There are some people on the beach.

Going to eat dinner. Then I want to finish up this side project and get the domain name connected. I want to see how much I can get done with the highlight video creator that I'm working on where I needed the video generation that I spoke about earlier. Plan to end the night continuing the binge of the X-Men animated series.

Have a great night!

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