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Day 917 : Your Thoughts

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a couple of meetings to start the day. I went through some code for an application and gave some feedback and asked for some clarifying questions before I start some work. Did some more research on a new functionality so I can make a sample app and application. To end the day, I gave an online talk / workshop at the same conference that I went to California for. The audience was really attentive, participated and asked good questions. Feels good when people want to hear your thoughts on a subject you've been working on.

  • Personal : Last night, I put together the Bandcamp projects that I would buy on Friday for Bandcamp Friday and created the social media posts I would post. I think that was pretty much all I did.

Lights from a town in Ziller Valley, Austria between snow topped mountain ranges illuminate as the sun goes down.

Going to put together a rough playlist for the radio show. I may look into one of my side projects to do some work. May go to bed early since I got really tired after my talk.

Have a great night!

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