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Day 912 : Test Drive

liner notes:

  • Professional : Got up early to attend the team meeting that was scheduled to be accommodating for folks further out east. Demoed the application I made for an upcoming conference so that I could get a bunch of people to try it out. Good news is that it worked. I've demoed it a few times this week and had no issues. After the meeting, I went back to sleep. haha Then I got up for like 3 more meetings back to back. Got to meet with my manager and demo some Web Components that I've be building. We agreed that it's at a good point and later I'll clean up the code, write some documentation and examples and publish them for others to check out and give feedback. I replied to some community questions. Also got this script working that will allow anyone with one click and entering some data to spin up the Application I made so that anyone can use it at a conference or anywhere they want to do a demo. Just need to clean up the code and get it published to a GitHub repository and test it out. Looking to do that tomorrow.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through Bandcamp and picked up some projects. I also looked into some properties. Finished up the final Web Component for work so that I could demo it to my manager and get the ticket completed. Didn't do any actual coding on my side project, but did some research. Went to bed early, since I had the early team meeting the next morning so I didn't watch "Rurouni Kenshin".

The image is of Old Harry Rocks, a chalk formation located on the Isle of Wight, England. The rocks are located on the southern coast of the island, and are a popular tourist destination. The image shows the rocks from a distance, with the English Channel in the background. The sky is blue and there are some clouds in the distance. The image is taken from a high angle, and shows the rocks in their entirety.

It's interesting that the AI I use to generate the alt image for the picture above, gave back the code I would need to place an image. Previously, it would just give me the description. I modified my prompt to be a little more explicit on what I'm looking for. Got a much better description now. Going to eat dinner. Put together tracks for the radio show on Saturday. Look up the profiles for the artists I bought off Bandcamp for my weekly social media posts and do the same for the artists we play on the radio show. I really need to get something working with creating/editing events on my side project. I saw that "The Marvels" is up on Disney+. I may watch that tonight.

Have a great night!

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