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Day 897 : Echo

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty productive day. Not as productive as I would like (as normal, haha). Had a couple of meetings in the morning. For the rest of the day, I finished up working on the new Web Component, got the documentation and diagram completed, pushed the code to the repo and published to npm. Also tested it in the sample app I made while I creating the Web Component. Started working on converting a project to use new credentials and a new library.

  • Personal : Last night, I put together some tracks for the radio show. I did a little work on my side project by putting some UI elements on the page that I'll hook up with some JavaScript. Ended the night watching an episode of "Echo".

A scenic view of a lake in the mountains of Kunturiri, Bolivia. The sky is blue and clear, and the water is a deep blue. The mountains are covered in snow, and there is a small rocky beach on the shore of the lake.

Think I'm going to keep using Google's Gemini API to generate the alt tags for this blog. It's actually pretty good. One less thing to think about. Going to pick up some stuff on Bandcamp, get the social media posts ready, and get the playlist for the radio show and social media accounts ready. I want to do a little work on the proof of concept I made for work so I can do a demo of it tomorrow for a meeting with a meetup group. While I'm out tomorrow, I need to get photos taken so I can renew my passport. Got one more episode of "Echo" left to watch and I'll be done with the season. It's been pretty dope.

Have a great night!

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