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Day 893 : Bug Zapper

liner notes:

  • Professional : In between a couple of meetings I had this morning, I was able to redo the demo app with the Web Component I've been working on so it looks a little better and create some slides to do a quick presentation for a wider team meeting later. I think the presentation went well and the demo worked for the most part except one slight bug. People seemed to like it and my Manager's Manager's Manager said he liked out I gave the presentation by putting so much info in such a small amount of time. Took out the old bug zapper and fixed the issue that popped up earlier and started adding some things that developers could use to customize the Web Component. I also responded to some community questions. Pretty full day.

  • Personal : Last night, I spent some time getting the Web Component demo ready so I would be in a rush in the morning. I also picked up some music on Bandcamp and put together the social media promo posts I send on Fridays. Watched an episode of "Blue Eye Samurai" to end the night.

A dirt road with tall green grass with some purple flowers on both sides leading up to a hill in Kaiserstuhl, Germany at sunset with a lot of clouds in the blue sky partially blocking out the sun.

Google has a new AI model called Gemini and I've been looking through the documentation and got an API key. They have a mode where you can upload an image and send text at the same time. I want to see if I can use it to generate a detailed image of a photo of a person so I can then turn that into some AI generated artwork to be used on merchandise for my side project. I kind of played around with their studio app. Seems promising. Going to put it into the AI test application I made to see what kind of results I can get. I want to put together tracks for this weeks radio show. May work on the CSS animations for my side project. Close the night watching "Blue Eye Samurai". About to eat dinner.

Have a great night!

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