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Day 891 : Hard-Fought Progress

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a meeting at the beginning of the day. For the rest of the day, I got to work on converting the proof of concept that I made last week into a Web Component. It was a hard-fought process but I got a lot of it done. A majority of the features are working. There's a weird bug with the color selection not updating like it should, but I think that has to do with something not rendering or updating during the proper cycle. That's the main issue whenever I do this. Pretty good day.

  • Personal : Went through some tracks for the radio show. Did some research on land for sale and found a couple of spots that look promising. Watched an episode of "Blue Eye Samurai". Got some late night inspiration and worked out some CSS stuff for my side project.

A road in Moorefield, WV, USA curving to the left with orange, yellow and green leaves on trees on both sides of the road with hills and mountains in the distance.

Going to go through some tracks for the radio show. Work on my site project. Looking to end the night watching an episode of "Blue Eye Samurai" and maybe look into some land. Now for dinner.

Have a great night!

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