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Day 890 : Move

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Decided to do the radio show from my van and not travel to the station. There was a basketball game that would be aired during our timeslot and my co-host wasn't feeling too well. Did the show with no problems. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of an AI generated illustration of homeless people catching money falling from the sky with the words Jan 6th 2024 Surplus Population

  • Sunday : Did my study sessions over at Did some research on land that I thought looked pretty good in addition to the stuff I normally do.

  • Professional : Had a couple of early in the day meetings. Worked out a couple of weird issues I was having with the proof of concept I'm working. Going to start porting over the code into a test Web Component. Pretty chill day.

  • Personal : Need to really get back to working on my side project. I've been kind of stuck on the front page and procrastinating. I think it's called bike shedding. Keep focusing on small details that will probably never even matter. I've got a design and I'm just going to implement it and move on. I did call some realtors about some land I found. I just need to check with the county to see if they will allow the type of home I want to use.

Picture of tree trunks and ground covered in moss in Puzzlewood, England

Going to see if I can knock out this proof of concept for my side project's front page with some test data so that I can move to the backend and admin sections that will actually create the data. I've been watching "Blue Eye Samurai". Pretty good so far. I'll probably also look into more land.

Have a great night!

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