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Day 889 : Focus

liner notes:

  • Professional : Today was a half day. Knowing that, I worked on fixing a new feature on the POC for an hour and got it done. I came in this morning thinking I would just need to do one more thing and finish in time for the half day and enjoy an early weekend. I opened my laptop and started working on my POC. It wasn't until I clicked save that I realized that I did the fixes last night on another computer and the code on my work laptop was old and when I clicked save, it overwrote what I did. Awesome. So basically I had to redo what I did. Just had to sit down, focus and remember what I did. Took like an hour and a half, but I got it working again. Worked on the final feature I planned to finish before the end of the week. About an hour later than I wanted, I was able to get to a good stopping point.

  • Personal : Last night, I put together tracks for the radio show. Put them in a playlist and created the social media posts. Did a little work on my side project. Got caught up with "Zom 100". Not a bad night.

Shot from the shore looking at the Brooklyn Bridge in NY, United States and night with the city in the background

Going to finish up working on the radio show. Do some research on Scroll Driven Animations and work on my side project. I'll probably start watching "Blue Eyed Samurai" on Netflix. My show co-host was telling me it was good. Going to eat and get to work. Radio show on Saturday ( and study sessions on Sunday (

Have a great night and weekend!

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