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Day 887 : Move It On

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty productive day. Had a couple of meetings. In one, I got to demo what I made so far for an upcoming project I would like to do in a couple of months. Everyone seemed interested in making it happen. Responded to some community questions. I like to do that because it really tests if I know something and I go to the docs where I think it is, find it and then be able to show the person asking the question and help explain it to them. It helps to reinforce what I know about the product and lets me know what may not be super clear for a person. Got a lot done with my POC for a project that I started yesterday. Just a couple of more features and I'll be able to move it on to the next step of turning it into a Web Component. Maybe next week.

  • Personal : Went through some tracks for the radio show. I think I made a breakthrough with the carousel thing I want for my side project. I was trying to get the focus of a card just by using HTML and CSS. Got really close, but tabbing was not centering the cards on the page but applying the focus correctly. Now I have the opposite issue with pressing left and right on the keyboard. It will center the cards, but doesn't apply the focus. Will work on that later tonight. Also, watched an episode of "Zom 100".

Photo of the top of clouds over Cartago, Costa Rica with the sky going from a blue to an orange color

Going to get the left, right keyboard and focus issue for my side project worked out Go through some tracks for the radio show. Maybe pick up some tracks off Bandcamp and get my social media posts ready a day early. Also want to watch another episode of "Zom 100".

Have a great night!

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