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Day 886 : Walk into the New Year like...

liner notes:

  • Professional : Happy New Year! Today is the first day back to work in like 2 weeks. Walk into the New Year like... so not ready... almost forgot the password to my laptop. After a few tries, I was in and got straight to work. Had a meeting. Replied to some Community questions. Got an old sample demo working so I could check out a feature I'll probably be refactoring into a Web Component in the future. Did some research into refactoring the feature. Started prototyping a demo of the refactored feature. Hoping to have a working sample by the end of the week to test out.

  • Personal : Over my holiday break, got a few stuff I've been meaning to do done. Went to the dentist to get my crown. Took my van in for maintenance. Created a template that I can use to speed up future side projects. Worked on some side projects. Did some work on the inside of my van. Did my radio show on Saturdays and study sessions on Sundays (just hit 600 sessions!). Watched some anime series and movies and took a lot of naps. Hung out with family. Not a bad time at all.

An aerial view of a field of green grass in Lithuania with on tree with yellow leaves with some on the floor.

Going to go through some tracks for the radio show. Then I need to make a decision about some animation on the front end of my current side project. I want to try and keep it as simple as possible only using HTML and CSS, but to get it to work the way I want, I think I'll have to use a little JavaScript. Going to see what I can get done tonight and move on. Still a lot to do.

Have a great night!

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