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Day 885 : In the End...

liner notes:

  • Professional : Since I knew today was not only a half day, but the last work day for me before I start my vacation. I won't be back to work till the new year. So I stayed up after getting back from the Orlando Developers holiday party and finished up a tutorial and pushed it to the repo so that my European team members could review it. In the end, that was probably a good call because when I woke up, looks like everything went through. For the rest of the day, I replied to some community questions and finished up other random tasks and tied up some loose ends. Got to a good point to end the year.

  • Personal : Went to the holiday party and had a really good time. Saw people I haven't seen in a while and met a bunch of new people.

A close up a branch with some leaves and an out of focus background of dirt path in a forest with green trees on both side in Tarnita, Romania

For the other half of my day, I bought some music from Bandcamp and created the posts to put on my social media accounts. Went through a bunch of tracks and worked on a playlist for the show tomorrow. While listening to the tracks, I was doing some research for my side project. Going to finish up the prep work for the radio show and then work on the dashboard proof of concept for my side project. Not sure if I'm going into the station tomorrow, there's supposed to be some severe weather. We'll see.

This is going to be my last post till the new year. So, in advance, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I'll still be doing the radio show on Saturdays at and my study sessions most Sundays at

Have a great night! Talk later.

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