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Day 853 : Another World

  • Professional : Not a bad day. Had an all hands meeting. Our team won an award. Nice. Reviewed a team member's code. Did some updates to a demo application I made. Worked on a tutorial. The day went by super quick. Felt like I was in another world.

  • Personal : So I was running into an issue with trying to upload a picture from my front end to my backend. I was sending the file, but it kept coming up blank on the server. I was using a library that takes form data from the front end and pulls out the files. I used the exact same library in another project and it worked. Only difference was the servers are on different hosts. I was looking through a bunch of issues and message boards. Seems like it could have something to do with a version or something. Learned about another library that is actually using the same library I was using and substituted the new one. It worked on the first try. haha Listened to some tracks for the radio show and I think I ended the night watching an episode of "Dr. Stone". Don't remember. I was tired after racking my brain trying to get my side project to work. haha

Looks like the inside of an inactive volcano in Rapa Nui, Polynesia covered in green foliage with the ocean in the background.

Going to do more of the same as yesterday. The plan is to get the image that is now sent to the server and pass that on to the Azure Vision AI to remove the background and send that back to the front end. I got it working when the image comes from an external URL so hopefully it won't be too different if the image is coming from the server. I want to go through tracks for the radio show and watch an episode of "Dr. Stone".

Have a great night!

peace piece
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