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Day 852 : Repeat

liner notes:

  • Professional : Not a bad day. Got to talk with the Client SDK engineering team and showed them some of the issues I was running into. I cleaned up a demo application I refactored, tested it to make sure it still works and pushed the code to the repository for review. Looked into meetups that are in the San Francisco / Oakland area that I can reach out to see if they have any event happening around the time I'll be there next year. Also did another read through of the self assessment I filled out before and totally missed that there was another section at the bottom I didn't fill out. I put in the a rough draft and will check it over again before sending it out.

  • Personal : Got the background removal working when you use an image that's hosted somewhere else. Went pretty smoothly. I just added another endpoint in another project that I had. I went through some tracks for the radio show. Did some research for my side project. Watched an episode of "Dr. Stone" and went to sleep.

Looking over the Bagan, Myanmar landscape with a bunch of temples and trees everywhere with a mountain range in the distance with the sun setting behind it.

Looking to do a repeat of last night. I want to add uploading an image from a computer and have its background removed. I did something similar in another project. Going to see if I can build off of that. Listened through some tracks for the radio show. End the night watching an episode of "Dr. Stone" and if I have time, watch "Dr. Who".

Have a great night!

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