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Day 851 : Period.

liner notes:

  • Saturday : So, there was a basketball game at the college so we didn't broadcast over the radio waves, but we still did the show online. Regardless if we are on air or not, we'll still be broadcasting on the website. Period. Had a great time as usual. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of an AI generated image of Santa in a pickup truck with an alligator in the back with the words Dec 9th 2023 #CiteYourSource

  • Sunday : Did my study sessions at Got to do some research and built a POC that I think I can use for my side project. Pretty productive day.

  • Professional : Today was a pretty good way to start the week. Had a meeting with my manager and I got to show them some stuff I filled out and a demo of an application I'm refactoring to use a new SDK. Got some feedback and they showed me what the native SDK demo was doing so I could match features. Had another meeting. Then worked on completing the new changes to my demo application.

  • Personal : So, after my investigation from Sunday, I think I may have found something that I can use to be able to build dashboards with for future projects. This is good because my next side project will have different roles that have totally separate capabilities. So I'm thinking I can build out the basis with authentication and all of that and then use that foundation to build out the individual dashboards. We'll see how that goes. There's other functionalities that I want to get worked out before that.

View from up high in a forest with a lot of trees looking at the other side with with a waterfall in the center

Tonight, I'm going to eat dinner and work my way through a list of features I want to have for my side project. Up next is to create a POC that when I upload an image or link to an image (will probably be using Cloudinary) and get the image back with the background removed. I'll see how long that will take because I want to watch "Dr. Who" before going to bed.

Have a great night!

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