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Day 850 : On Fire

liner notes:

  • Professional : The job has brought back Refresh Fridays were basically we have half days. It's pretty cool, but it also means that my European co-workers are basically off by the time I clock in. haha. Knowing I had less time, I was on fire. Got a bunch of small tasks completed and loose ends tied up. Responded to some community questions. Spoke with the engineering team. Started working on some end of the year stuff for work.

  • Personal : Went through Bandcamp last night and picked up some tracks. May hear some on the radio show. I got the social media posts ready. I actually finished the proof of concept for a feature I want to have in my side project. I can upload a picture and get a color palette based on it. My plan is to use it in the design of the page that will be created.

White sands of Lençóis Maranhenses Park, Brazil with sections filled with water under dark blue skies.

Did some work on my van and it started back up. Weird things is that nothing changed. We pulled a fuse from the battery thinking that was it. Tested the fuse and it was working. We put it back and the van started. Maybe something was loose. No clue. We'll see if it starts tomorrow. Going to eat dinner, work on the radio show and then my side project. I've been slacking on "Rick and Morty" so I may try and marathon that tonight. I also saw some new "Dr. Stone" episodes popped up.

Have a great night and weekend!

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