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Day 849 : The Surge

liner notes:

  • Professional : I thought I was going to get up early to attend a meeting. I got up, but it was cold and dark, so I went back to sleep in my warm bed. haha. Got up at my normal time when it was warmer and had a meeting. After that, I followed up with some messages both in the community Slack and on GitHub. Worked on refactoring a tutorial application and left some messages to the SDK team about my findings. Got the application working but I think there could be some things that could be done better.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through some tracks on Bandcamp for the radio show. Did some work on my side project. Then went to sleep because I thought I was going to get up early

At sunset of the grassy side of a mountain with pink flowers in Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine at sunset with more mountains in the distance

Going to eat dinner. Pick up some projects on Bandcamp and put together the social media post for tomorrow. The surge of projects dropping before the end of the year has begun. Looking to put in some work on my side project. I tested Bard from Google, but it doesn't do faces.

Have a great night!

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