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Day 846 : December 4th

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Left for the station early enough that I was able to go to the post office and ship a package. Did the radio show and had a good time as usual. I couldn't stay overnight because my van didn't start so I took another car. So I finished up with the radio show, got some McDonald's and headed back. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of an AI generated female model with pink hair wearing a colorful necklace and a gray cardigan with the words Dec 2nd 2023 Lump Sum

  • Sunday : Did my study sessions at and made some progress on my side project. Ended the night watching an episode of "Spy x Family".

  • Professional : Pretty productive day. Had a couple of meetings including one with my manager. Spoke about what I'll be doing this week. I tripled checked some code snippets for a new SDK and pushed them to the repo. Then I started to go through all the new documentation pages and leave some feedback. Not a bad day.

  • Personal : Been doing some research on my side project. I found a library that I think will help me out with a part of my project. Also played around with some AI image generation. I may have found another library, but I'm on a wait list.

View from a mountain overlooking the Mount Tamalpais, CA, USA landscape that turns into clouds going into the distance with white streaks in the skies as the sun sets.

Going to do some more research on my side project. I think I figured out a way to remove the background of an image, but I'll look for some other alternatives. Also want to iron out my page layouts for the front end of the site. Go through tracks for the radio show and maybe end the night watching an anime or a new "Boys" spinoff called "Gen V".

Have a great night!

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