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Day 843 : Invincible

liner notes:

  • Professional : Felt much better today. Had a couple of meetings. Responded to some community questions. Continued refactoring a demo to use a new SDK. I started a while back, but it looks like some things changed with the new SDK since then so I was working some stuff out and asking questions of the team.

  • Personal : Went through some tracks for the radio show. Played around with some code for the front end of my side project. I need some more assets to have everything I need for the site, but those will normally be generated by the back end. I'll most likely create some placeholder images till I can get them generated properly. Did some refining of the AI image generation. It's coming together...slowly. haha Ended the night catching up on "Spy x Family".

Aerial view of Brocton, England with different colored patches of land extending into the distance under a hazy blue sky.

I think I'm going to spend like another hour finishing up some stuff for work after dinner so that I can take off early on Friday. I'm kind of on a roll and want to keep that momentum going and finish up some documentation. After that go through some tracks for the radio show. Maybe work on my side project. Definitely want to try and catch up on "Invincible" as well. That show is wild! I think I only have a couple of episodes left.

Have a great night!

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