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Day 841 : Concentrate

liner notes:

  • Saturday : This was the first day back into the station. Felt good. I didn't remember the actual digits to the code to the door, but my muscle memory kicked in and my hand just knew what to press. Had a good time. My co-host wasn't able to make it. I did the show and probably was able to finish getting everything uploaded the fastest I have in a while, so I wrapped up like 2 hours earlier than normal. Spent the night researching my side project. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of the Bandcamp United Union logo that is a drawing of a cassette tape spool with hands shaking with the words Nov 25th 2023 Just Get Up

  • Sunday : Did my study sessions at I was able to get a working proof of concept for my side project. Pretty productive day. Ended the night watching the new "Dr. Who" special.

  • Professional : Today started off with a hiccup. I had dentist appointment early in the morning. My van wouldn't start. Took another car and made my appointment. On the way back, the car shutdown a couple of times on me. It did start back up and I made my way home. Had a couple of meetings, answered some community questions and did some other work. Kept going till my mouth started to hurt and was it was hard to concentrate. So, I took a nap.

  • Personal : Made some progress on my side project. I'm using Cloudflare's Workers AI and made a demo where I enter in some text and generate an image based on it. The demo is based on another demo I saw from someone that works at Cloudflare, but had to change some things to get it working for me. This is like the middle part of what I eventually want to make in my side project. I thought of a couple of things I can add to the workflow to hopefully make things easier.

View into Opabin Plateau, BC, Canada surrounded by mountains with pine trees in the valley with some lakes.

Going to add on to my proof of concept with a couple of things to add to the workflow to make things easier for the user. I think I can also get it done with Cloudflare Workers AI. Now that I got it working on Cloudflare, it shouldn't be too difficult to add some other things because I already have a blueprint. I want to end the night catching up on some anime.

Have a great night!

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