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Day 840 : Demo

liner notes:

  • Professional : Got up early to sit in a talk prep session. Learned some new things. Went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later to start my day officially. Just crossed off things on my todo list. Pretty productive. Built a quick demo to help out with a community question. Filled out an event report for a conference where I gave a talk. Went back to another demo I was working on to use a new SDK.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through a bunch of tracks for the radio show. Played around with some new APIs and SDKs that I may want to use in my new side project. Then I went to bed "early".

Aerial shot looking down at a canoe with people on a river in the middle of an area filled with palm trees.

Going to go through more tracks for the radio show. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow so I have the day off. Going to try and do as much laundry as I can from the trip. Also thinking about maybe launching an audio server to a host to try stuff out for my side project. Or maybe I'll work on the other side of my project that sets up the events that the audio server will use. We'll see.

Have a great night!

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