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Day 838 : Palm Trees

liner notes:

  • The Recap : So, it's been about a month since my last post. Been an amazing time. Got to see Munich, Berlin, Malmo and Copenhagen and meet some awesome folks. Check out videos and pics here: . Still the radio show remotely. I stay consistent. haha

Radio show episode image of a pair of Orange Brown Adidas sneakers with maroon and dark pink highlights  with the words Nov 18th 2023 Under the Sea

  • Professional : Today is the first day back at work since my vacation in Denmark. Had a couple of meetings. Took an online course for work. Basically spent time trying to catch up.

  • Personal : Also, today I had a dentist appointment. Granted, it's been A LONG time since I've been to a dentist. Surprised things didn't turn out worse. I only went because a tooth is kind of bothering me every once in a while. They recommended that I get a root canal. Turns out that an office that they recommend had an opening for later today. So I'm sitting here writing this blog post with the numbing solution they gave me starting to wear off. haha Awesome.

Rocky terrain of Kamyana Mohyla, Ukraine under a purple sky with a lightning flash.

I knew I was back in Florida when I saw palm trees. haha Spent the last month in, I think, the coldest weather I've ever experienced. Definitely want to go back to see the cities during other seasons. I still haven't uploaded the final trip back home to Going to do that now and work on my next side project.

Have a great night!

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