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Day 837 : Travellin' Man

liner notes:

  • Professional : Focused on finishing up some tasks before my overseas trip. Sometimes trying to get documentation work while working conferences and holding talks and workshops can be a lot. Some of the stuff I linked to in my docs aren't ready yet, but that's on someone else. haha.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through A LOT of tracks to prep for future radio shows. I just need to put them in playlists and write them up in the docs. I figure I can look up the artists' social media accounts while waiting for flights. I may pay for WiFi on the plane. It's not great, but I should be able to do some prep work for the radio show.

Queensland, Australia landscape with green lawn, a forest and some mountain peaks going into the distance under a setting sun sky.

Been ironing clothes to take on my trip. Still waiting on my suitcase that's supposed to come tomorrow. I packed 3 days worth of clothes into my backpack. It actually fit with some space left. Without the winter clothes, I would have even more space. I have another strap and I think I can compress it even more. After ironing, I'll work on the upcoming episodes of the radio show. Maybe I'll start work on my upcoming talks and get a jump start on that. We'll see. So, since I'll be travelling, I won't be updating this blog or doing the study sessions, but I will be posting pictures and videos on my travel site: and doing the radio show Life of a travellin' man.

Have a great night and weekend! Be back in about 4 weeks!!

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