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Day 833 : Two Years

liner notes:

  • Saturday : This week, we had a special guest stop by the show. I never really have guests on the show because it introduces some uncertainties into doing the show. Like, what if they show up late? What if they curse on air? And many other things. I like to try and keep the show as easy and stress free as possible! They arrived 3 minutes before we went live (stressing me out, haha). But the show went well. Had a great time. The recording of this week's show is at

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  • Sunday : Did my study sessions over at . Got some stuff done. Played around with that open-source online radio software. I'm leaning more and more to it. I also went down a rabbit hole researching suitcases. For my next long trip coming up, I don't want to have to check in a bag. My last trip it was kind of a pain waiting in the lines. So, I ended up buying a carry on suitcase and a backpack. The difference is that they have a "closet" in them. I'm thinking I can put clothes both mostly in the carry-on and some in the backpack that will last me for a good amount of my trip before I wash some clothes. I'm also thinking my putting clothes around my radio equipment, it will add some padding. We'll see. Ended the night watching some anime.

  • Professional : Went to get an eye checkup before starting work. Got back and rested a little because my eyes got dilated. Spent the day updating some docs, getting clarifying info about an SDK, and helping out with some community questions.

  • Personal : Got the notification that both the suitcase and backpack I ordered on Sunday were shipped. They are supposed to be here by the end of the week. Nice! I'll be able to use it for my upcoming trip. For the amount I paid, I would hope it would come quick. haha.

A wooden dock with railing one side has trees that partially cover and a lake on the other side with a pine tree forest and mountain in the distance at sunset.

So I just picked up a pack of Samsung SmartTags to put in my luggage for my upcoming trip. Everything should be carry-on, but just in case I'm forced to check a bag. Plus the battery in them are supposed to last almost 2 years. Going to through tracks for the radio show because I need to build up a catalog so I don't have to do it during my trip. I also want to work on my side project. Before I leave, I'd like to get the online radio station up and running. Maybe watch some anime, but I'm not sure about that.

Have a great night!

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