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Day 831 : Meeting of the Minds

liner notes:

  • Professional : Today is the day I'm calling it for the updates I've been doing for the documentation. I tested them out in some application and spoke with the engineering team to get some clarification on things. Had a meeting of the minds. haha Also finalized the code snippets to be printed on flyers to be distributed at events. Had a couple of meetings. Followed up on some community questions. Pretty full day. Day flew by!

  • Personal : Noticed that when I updated the Astro version of my side project, some stuff rendered weird on a page. Went back in and fixed it. Reviewed some tracks for the radio show. Took some code from an example tutorial and ported it over to CodePen so I can see it all in one place and play around with it.

A road going through a forest of trees with orange, yellow, and green leaves in County Wicklow, Ireland

I've been thinking about how I can technically do the things I want with my new side project. It involves streaming audio, but depending on the situation, it will come from different sources. I want to see if I can have one solution to make things easier. Going to pick up some projects on Bandcamp and get my social media posts ready to post tomorrow. I may start putting together tracks for the radio show so I have less to do on Friday.

Have a great night!

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