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Day 830 : Take It EZ

liner notes:

  • Professional : Got up pretty early to catch a coworker practice their upcoming talk. I always like to see other folks' presentation style. Went to sleep afterwards and got back up to start my day. Had another meeting with some folks to see their application that we will be getting private beta access to try out. Worked on updating a demo application to use a new SDK. Had a conversation about a feature of the new Client SDK with the engineering team to iron out some details. Finished the day reaching out to meetup organizers to see if there are any events happening in the places I'll be travelling to.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through some tracks for the radio show. Spent the rest of the night fixing a couple of side projects. One was which is a currency converter. I noticed that it stopped working during my last trip. Turns out that the API I was using changed and is now paid. I found a free one, but had to do a little more math to get the same result. I changed the way I deployed the site to Deno Deploy by using GitHub actions. Now I can just push my changes to the repo and it will build and deploy the updates I make. Previously, I was doing it from my local machine with a CLI command. Thing is that I forgot how to do it. I think I needed a token or something because it wasn't working. The second one was my travel site . I noticed that some of the map tiles weren't loading and had a message that, again, the service I was using was bought by another company and now they are charging for it. I found a similar free map with a similar style and replaced it. Thing was that my project was using such an old version of Astro that it wouldn't even run anymore. So I worked on updating and rewriting files to get things working. After some time, I finally got it working. Felt pretty accomplished, and tired, but accomplished.

The Oregon Coast, USA at what looks at low tide because there's pools of water on the beach with some cloud covered mountains in the distance

Going to go through more tracks and start experimenting with the layout for my new side project. If there's time, maybe watch some anime. Looking to keep it easy but also productive.

Have a great night!

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