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Day 827 : The Approach

liner notes:

  • Professional : So, today was pretty chill. Just tying up some loose ends for the weekend. Got some clarity on some questions I posted yesterday so that I could finish up some code for a tutorial using a new Client SDK. Got that tutorial to a good place and took a look at some other ones. Got to focus all day to get some work done.

  • Personal : Last night I put together what I would buy on Bandcamp so I could create the social media posts to post during lunch today. Finished that watched the new Loki episode. Pretty good.

A dense forest in Garibaldi Lake, BC, Canada with a dirt path and sunlight shining through the trees.

Right after work, I ate dinner and started putting together the radio show. Totally forgot to do this blog post. haha. I packed up some vinyl to send to a listener. Almost done prepping for the show. After that I want catch up on some anime and work on the front page of my new side project. I think I have an idea of want I want to do. Going to do a quick proof of concept to see if it's really the approach I want to take.

Have a great night!

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