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Day 826 : Brace Ya Self

liner notes:

  • Professional : Logged into the day with a request to prioritize looking at a demo that someone created. Before that I had a couple of back to back meetings. Got to demo a new Web Component that I published that other people on the team can use. After the last meeting, I went back to work on reviewing the demo. Made some minor changes so that it's inline with other demos in the repo. Got the changes submitted. Responded to some community questions. Went back to converting a tutorial demo to use a new SDK. Had some questions, so I asked the team and then it was time to call it a day.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through some tracks for the radio show. Looked into some layout ideas I have for my next side project. Trying to figure out which one to go with for the front page or maybe try something new. There have been some interesting new APIs released in browsers that I may want to try out. I'm using the View Transitions API already in Astro. Watched the final Bleach episode of the season and went to sleep.

View from above of the coast of Cape Reinga, New Zealand with a strip of land with a mountain range extending into blue water with waves crashing on the shore's beach under a sky filled feather like white clouds

Going to go through projects on Bandcamp so that I can purchase them tomorrow (Friday) since it's Bandcamp Friday where artists get more from each sale. I'll probably pick the one's I'll buy and get the social media posts ready tonight. The new season of Loki starts tonight. Brace ya self, the promos look like it'll be a wild ride! Probably end up watching that and going to bed. If there's any spare time, I want to try some stuff out with my side project.

Have a great night!

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