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Day 820 : React

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty productive day. Responded to some community questions. Had a company-wide meeting. My solution to an issue posted on the set of Web Components I made worked for the person. I updated the Web Components' example apps built in Angular, React, VanillaJS, and Vue to use a new feature. Also fixed some security stuff with React. It seems like it's always with React. haha.

  • Personal : I was still tired from the trip, so last night I just went through some tracks for the radio show and went to sleep.

The grass covered plains of Silale Swamps, Tanzania with a brown elephant under 3 trees.

I'm feeling a little more energetic. I may try to work on some code for a side project after going through some tracks for the radio show. I've also been uploading all the pics and videos from the trip to Singapore. There was like 88GB of files! haha That's going to take a while. Pretty much it. Going to eat dinner.

Have a great night!

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