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Day 818 : Late Hours

liner notes:

  • Professional : Whew.... I was feeling coming in late from the meetup last night, haha I got up really slow. haha Started refactoring a demo application to use a new SDK and wrote up some feedback from my findings so far to communicate with the engineering team. Worked some on my upcoming talks and workshop.

  • Personal : My night was basically taken up by the meetup. The recording is up on the site: Basically got back to the spot and went to sleep.

A beach in Apollo Bay, Australia with waves rolling unto the shore at sunset with mountains in the distance with a lot of clouds in the sky.

It was a half day at work, so I've been trying to get as many tracks ready for the radio show so that I don't have to do anything during my travels. Got a lot of stuff I need to get done and some late hours in my future. haha

Which reminds me. I'll be traveling for almost all of September so these daily blogs will be put on hold. I'll be posting from time to time on my travel site:

Have a great night and see ya next time!

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