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Day 817 : Free Education

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had an early morning meeting with the team where I got to show a demo using the new Web Component I created this week. Had a couple of other meetings. Took some time during the day to add some more features to the Web Component. To be more legible, I have some text flipped depending on where it's located and the text is either black or white depending on which one has more contrast with the background color. Learned a bunch of stuff putting it together. Spent the rest of the work day working on upcoming talks and workshop.

  • Personal : Last night I created the demo to showcase the Web Component I made. I did a test run of my setup for streaming events and things seemed to work. I think I ran into some issues because of spotty internet connection. That's all I can remember. Probably went to bed early because I had to get up for the team meeting.

Very fluffy white clouds above Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

So, I made it to the venue for the meetup tonight. Got here early to make sure I got a parking spot and I can set up to try and livestream the event. Going to get some work done before heading in. I like going to meetups, because it's like getting a free education where I can learn about new things. When it's over, I'll probably end the night watching "Zom100". Fingers crossed everything goes well and I can stream the event.

Have a great night!

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