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Day 816 : At The Door

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a couple of meetings and sat in on a talk prep session. Other than that, I worked on this Web Component. Think I got it to a pretty good minimal viable state. I've been creating it in an online IDE to test things out. I'm going to see if I can get a test component published and create a quick demo to show the team. There's a team meeting tomorrow. Wonder if I can have something to demo.

  • Personal : I went through a BUNCH of tracks for the radio show last night. Also finished ironing all the clothes (I think), that I'll be taking on my trip. Made some progress on the Web Component. Pretty productive.

Coastline of Sandwich Harbour, Namibia with waves from the blue water crashing into the large orange dunes under a cloudless blue sky.

Going to work on getting a demo working for the Web Component I made. I also want to test out my system for live streaming a meetup tomorrow for Orlando Devs. Maybe go through some tracks and watch an episode of "Zom100" depending on how far I get with the coding stuff. This trip is right at the door and I'm so not ready! haha I'll probably be doing a few late nights to finish up some stuff to make sure I really enjoy this vacation.

Have a great night!

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