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Day 726 : Friday Night

liner notes:

  • Professional : Not a bad day. Added some more functionality to the proof of concept I'm building. Got to a part that I knew could possibly be a problem because what I want to do isn't supported yet. I was able to get stuff working with the help of the folks on my team working on the feature.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through tracks for the radio show and bought some projects on Bandcamp. Then I went through and found all the artists' Twitter handles and put them in a document so that I could put them in a Twitter thread on Friday. Refactored some code in my side project. Then went to sleep.

Marine Street Beach, CA, USA beach shore at sunset with waves crashing and seagulls flying by.

Going to finish putting together the radio show. I don't think I'll listen to more tracks, just put together what I have already. Then, I'm going to work more on my side project. I want to work on the navigation stuff so I can add the View Transition API. Maybe I'll watch an episode of "Swarm". Going to make it a productive and early Friday night.

Have a great night!

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