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Day 721 : Selfish

liner notes:

  • Professional : So, I thought I was going to have the whole day to work on my proof of concept for work using some Web Components I'm developing and be selfish. Nope. A co-worker asked if I could help out with a project since they aren't too familiar with JavaScript. Spent the day refactoring and finishing it up. Bad part is that once I got it done, I think there is something broken on the backend that's causing it to not do the thing I want. We'll take a look at it Monday. Did as much as I can.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through tracks for the radio show. Worked a little on my side project. Watched an episode of "Spy x Family" and went to sleep. Don't remember much else. haha.

Aerial view looking down at the Big Sur, CA, USA coast with large rocks in the water and waves crashing onto the shore.

Going to finish putting together the radio show. Good thing I'm way ahead so there's not much to do. Just the starter tracks and finding all the artists' social media accounts. After that, I want to work on my side project and watch an episode of "Spy x Family".

Have a great night and weekend!

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