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Day 720 : Simply

liner notes:

  • Professional : So many meetings today. Gave a quick presentation in a training session. At the end of it all, I was simply drained. haha Didn't get much coding in.

  • Personal : During my lunch break, I scheduled a doctor's appointment. Since it's a new doctor, I won't be able to see them until July! Amazing! People say that if we had some sort of universal healthcare that there would be long waiting lines. Well, now in its current state, I have to wait for like 4 months to see a doctor which seems pretty long time to me. I just want to get a checkup. Last night, I went to the Orlando Devs meetup to livestream it. Yeah, trying to live stream video on an open cafe shop WiFi connection wasn't that great. The connection kept dropping. Did the best I could with the circumstances I was given.

A field with red flowers as far as the eye can see in Blankenburg, Germany at sunset.

Going to go through tracks for the radio show. I think I'll spend a little time working on the proof of concept for work since I didn't really do much earlier. I think I want to start working on listing out the data from the backend and the gallery view for my side project. Going to make the gallery section a component since it will be used multiple times in the application. Then I'll end the night watching an episode of "Spy x Family".

Have a great night!

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