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Day 716 : Overcome

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. Focused on working with a team member to finish refactoring a sample application. Was waiting for some stuff to be implemented. Once that was done, I was able to finish the demo. They liked what I did. Felt good to get that project done.

  • Personal : Spent some time last night looking at financial investments. It's amazing the amount of taxes that get taken out when you get a bonus. Went through tracks for the radio show. Then I was able to pull data to the client side of my side project. Problem was that I wasn't able to use parameters to filter out the results. It kept bringing back all the data. Ran into a wall and went it was late so I went to bed.

A tree covered dirt road in Kansas City, MO, USA with a wooden fence on the left with some sunlight coming through the leaves

Going to eat dinner. Work on the radio show. Shouldn't be too much since I put together a bunch of tracks in the previous weeks. Just need the tracks to start off the show and look up social media usernames. For my side project, I'll try and get the filtering working. If not, I'll try using a library from the company I'm using. Right now, I'm trying to do fetch requests, but I'm probably missing something. This is the reason companies create libraries. haha. In the end, I'll overcome the challenge. Definitely want to try and get in a couple of "Spy x Family" episodes before bed. May stay up a little later since I don't have work tomorrow.

Have a great night!

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