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Day 691 : Not Today

liner notes:

  • Professional : Double checked some updates that I made to a repo and submitted a Pull Request to be reviewed. Then I thought I would take a little time to submit some talks and workshops to upcoming conferences. Not sure what happened, but I looked up and the day was basically over! haha Guess I spent too much brain power trying to think of stuff to submit.

  • Personal : Last night, I got a bunch of tracks for the radio show. Went through a bunch of them with still quite a bit to go. I also refactored the code for my side project's admin section into a Svelte component and got it working. Still haven't gotten a chance to watch "You People" yet.

Look into a valley surrounded my snow covered mountains in Mont Blanc, France with a brown mountain goat on a rock looking at the camera

Looking to do a rerun of last night. Go through tracks and work on side project. Hoping to maybe watch "You People". I also need to pack up this Chromebook and send it in for repair at some point. Not today, though, haha I use it for so much stuff though! haha

Have a great night!

peace piece
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