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Day 688 : Upgrade

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty quiet day at work. I wrote up a draft of a talk abstract that I want to get some feedback from folks and submit next week. I also did an initial set of updates to a repo. I tested it after the changes and things still work. Going to double-check and get a review on Monday so that I can get a PR and get it merged. Not a bad day at all.

  • Personal : Last night, I put together the tracks for the radio show and then typed them up. That's pretty much all I got done because I got a late start due to finishing up some stuff for work.

The Huacachina, Peru white sand desert landscape with a lot of sand dunes

Going to finish up the prep work for the radio show like finding artists' social media usernames. Looks like I have a dead battery on the Chromebook that I'm writing this blog post on. As long as it's plugged in, it's fine. As soon as I unplug the charger, it shuts off. I've had it for less than a year. Going to see what I need to get a new battery put in this weekend. I wonder if they'll give me an upgrade? I'll also probably go to the station to do the radio show even though there is a game because there's an event happening downtown and I know I'm going to want to drive from where I am to go.

Have a great night!

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