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Day 463 : Holding On Too Long

liner notes:

  • Professional : Another chill day. Had a couple of meetings and just worked on my blog post.

  • Personal : So, previously on my side project, I was able to communicate between the web application and the service worker. Last night, I got it to where from the web application, I can send a message to the service worker, close the application and after a few seconds have a notification pop up. If, the notification is clicked, it opens up the application. Aside from a couple of more features, that's basically a lot of what the application will need to do. This was the part that I wasn't sure could work, especially with the new framework I'm using. After I got that working, I started laying out some other pages for the application. Ended the night watching Marvel's "What If..." and reading a little of a book I picked up.

Pretty mountainous landscape of Haleakala Nat'l Park, HI, USA with smaller orange mountains in the foreground and larger gray and green mountains in the distance with some covered by clouds.

Now that I got the basic foundation of my application working, I'm going to start building out the pages. Not necessarily style them, but make sure the elements are there and that you can navigate properly. I'll make it look nice once all the important parts are in place and working. Also, the Chromebook that I bought for my father came in. Looks nice! Got him all set up and logged into the apps he normally uses. I think it will fit his needs. He's been holding on too long to the old laptop. He said it was super slow. I think he was going to keep it till it wouldn't turn on anymore. haha

Have a great night!

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