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Day 403 : Lovely Day

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. Had a couple of meetings. Followed up on some things I'm getting reviewed. Ran into some issues trying to log into a super old social media account I abandoned years ago. haha It wasn't enough that I verified my email account, I had to ask 3 people to go to a website and tell me a code. I just created a new account. Not interested in jumping through hoops for an account I don't want. haha Only need it to test something for work.

  • Personal : So I ran into an issue trying to get the thumbnail generation for the recorded video working. I figured out that it had to do with the async/await I set up so that the program wouldn't continue till getting some information first. After a lot of investigation and trials, I forgot to put a return. I had returns later down the line, but missed the one at the top. Awesome. Got it working. Only problem is that the thumbnail was black and that's because I had the clip fading in and out and it took the screenshot during that time. haha.

Close up of green leaves in Dewy Forest, MT, USA

Going to see if I can get the thumbnail generator working better so that I can start working on the Video Archive portion of the front page. Hoping to get that working before the next broadcast on Sunday. If I can get it working early enough, I want to watch the new "Loki" episode. It's been pretty cloudy day, but at least it was cool and windy. Turned out to be a lovely day.

Have a great night!

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