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Day 389 : Shut It Down

liner notes:

  • Professional : Soooo many meetings today. haha It was good to catch up with everyone. I did get to update the documentation with a code example that will hopefully help others that may run into an issue when listening for a certain event. Felt good to cross that one off the list.

  • Personal : Last night I got the tutorials section of the site pretty much complete. Moved onto the HACO section and got a lot of it set up with some placeholder elements. Ran into a snag where I thought I could test things quickly by making a call to an endpoint of a server I put together when I test it before. Nope! CORS shut it down with a quickness. haha I went to sleep.

Scene of a cove opening into the ocean with grassy land on the sides in China Cove, CA, USA at sunset under cloudy skies.

Going to try and finish up the HACO section of the site. First, I want to tackle people being able to create one. Hopefully it will go smoothly since I already created hack project when I was experimenting when making it before. Just got to translate the code over to Firebase. I also need to work on the listing of the HACOs and how people can join one already made. There will be a invitation system and also the ability to kick people from the room. Hope to get everything pretty much good to go. Back to work.

Have a great night!

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