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Day 363 : Regular

liner notes:

  • Saturday : It seems like I have been putting together the show later and later. haha I used to have at least a couple of weeks worth of tracks ready to go. Pretty much spent the day getting the show ready. Did the show. Had a really good time and then worked on uploading the recording putting together the playlist. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of 2 photos one with 2 women sitting with bags in front of them labeled People's Free Food Program and another with school children sitting at a table eating with 2 adults standing  with the words May 8th 2021 Classic

  • Sunday : Pretty chill and productive day. Worked on my side project, did some laundry, and even exported some screen recordings I did for work last week. It takes forever on my work laptop, so I just set it up and let it crank through them. Watched "Yasuke", "Fear the Walking Dead" and "Gangs of London". Oh and I've also been looking into land in South Carolina.

  • Professional : Had a good day to start of my week. Got to talk about Web Components. Received some good feedback on the video I made from the template I created last week. Looked through some code for a blog post I'll be writing. Had a good meeting with my manager. Pretty good day.

  • Personal : So, I've been for land to purchase on Zillow. I've been mostly looking around North Carolina, but I came across some listings in South Carolina. Didn't know that they have mountains, midlands and coastal areas all in one state. The area in North Carolina I was looking at seemed really mountainous. we'll see.

View of the green field mountain side of the Caucasus Mountains at sunset

Going to go through some tracks for the radio show and start putting together the playlist so I'm not doing it the day of the show anymore. Need to really start doing a little bit each day. Going to work on my side project and watch an episode of "Yasuke". Really want to get a regular schedule going.

Have a great night!

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