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Day 349 : Guilty All The Same

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・2 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had an all hands meeting today where everyone in the company comes together and hear from the folks at the top. Then I got a new Web Component finished up, published and did a pull request on the repo. Had another meeting to kick off the 2 day internal hackathon for this quarter. I'll actually be working on something that I was going to use in my side project anyway, so that works out. haha

  • Personal : Whew, last night I ran into some issues trying to get my Svelte / Sapper application up on Firebase. Ran into some errors while installing some libraries that said something about the version of node I was using. So I had to work out how to update my node version. That was a whole thing. Ended up installing NVM and upgraded through that. That didn't help. Still had errors whenever I tried to deploy my function to Firebase. After a bunch of stuff, looks like Svelte / Sapper doesn't work with node 12, maybe? Still not sure. I downgraded to node 10, deleted the function and deployed it again and then it worked. After that, I watched an episode of "Dr. Stone" and went to sleep.

Salto Grande, Chile landscape with mountains in the distance and moss-covered hills with a stream and waterfall in the center

So, Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all charges. It only took high quality videos from multiple angles to get a conviction. He was found guilty all the same. We'll see how much time he gets. Got a rough layout created of how the different parts of my hackathon project will look. Think I'll figure out more how things will work together and set up a starter project. Watch another episode of "Dr. Stone" and go to sleep.

Have a great night!

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