Discussion on: Lightweight serverless Java functions with Quarkus

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Daniel Wamara

How long did "mvn package -Pnative -Dnative-image.docker-build=true" took time to complete? On my machine it takes nearly 28 to 30 minutes which I find non-productive.

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Mine took about 9 minutes on the first run. This, of course, includes download times for the dependencies. Total time: 09:09 min.

The second run, which did not need any further downloads, took significantly less time: 03:03 min

[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]    classlist:  12,930.98 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]        (cap):   3,529.01 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]        setup:   8,478.68 ms
03:16:03,992 INFO  [org.xnio] XNIO version 3.6.5.Final

03:16:04,992 INFO  [org.xni.nio] XNIO NIO Implementation Version 3.6.5.Final
03:16:12,417 INFO  [org.jbo.threads] JBoss Threads version 3.0.0.Alpha4
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]   (typeflow):  42,474.59 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]    (objects):  42,903.53 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]   (features):   2,534.91 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]     analysis:  89,625.62 ms
Printing call tree to /project/reports/call_tree_openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner_20190904_031729.txt
Printing list of used classes to /project/reports/used_classes_openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner_20190904_031732.txt
Printing list of used packages to /project/reports/used_packages_openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner_20190904_031732.txt
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]     universe:   1,283.34 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]      (parse):   5,196.04 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]     (inline):   6,101.22 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]    (compile):  29,021.28 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]      compile:  42,617.14 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]        image:   4,603.47 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]        write:     746.02 ms
[openwhisk-quarkus-starter-runner:10]      [total]: 169,176.46 ms
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time:  03:03 min
[INFO] Finished at: 2019-09-04T13:18:23+10:00
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Coding Saint

What is your system configuration , on latest systems I have seen it taking less than 5 minutes. I. Software everything is tradeoff while it is helpful to build fast , we surely don't do prod builds every time while coding, having said that GraalVM should improve on build timing.