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Best Google-Chrome extensions, highly recommended for Devlopers

Abhishek Dutt
B.Tech (CSE)
・2 min read

Browser extensions change the way one works. They alter facets of one's job by changing the user interface of the apps on which one relies on!
A developer's complete ruckus involved in selecting an extension that could boost one daily basis productivity. There are in fact a ton of extensions, which will help one deliver better websites faster.

Google Chrome, is without a doubt, the most popular browser in the world. In terms of user share, Google Chrome is well ahead of other major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.
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It offers a library of extensions as vast as it does, it becomes a bit troublesome for its users to handpick the extensions for their daily needs.

In this article, I am going to highlight the meticulously crafted Best Google-Chrome extensions for developers!

  • Window Resizer for Developer
  • Window Resizer lets you resize the browser window in order to emulate viewing at different screen resolutions. It’s a very useful tool, when testing if your design works on a range of screen resolutions.
  • Check My Links
  • So this chrome extension is great when I want to make sure that all my links are working for my blog (or other web pages for that matter).
  • Daily Dev
  • is the easiest way to stay updated on the latest programming news. With, you will get the best articles from the best tech publications on any topic

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I hope you like the list.

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