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Dustin Brett
Dustin Brett

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3 YEARS On My Side Project!

I started working on daedalOS on January 1st, 2021, and more than 3 years later I still enjoy adding to it and improving it almost daily.

I've learned so much while making this project into my personal website ( It's made me a much better web developer as I have tried to emulate a desktop environment with pixel perfect accuracy using CSS, HTML & JavaScript.

Over the years I have live streamed and made videos of my progress. The first year I streamed every single week for 52 weeks. Then as the project evolved I started doing monthly feature reviews, similar to what I had seen done with SerenityOS which was an inspiration of mine.

Now I am in the 2nd year of being nominated for a Webby, and this time I am hoping I've done enough that the judges pick me in the end. But also if you like my project and want to support me, you can vote for my site to win the People's Voice award.

Thanks for checking it out!

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